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   Change is in the air! 

The South Sound Blues Association Annual Meeting and Election will be happening on Friday, March 13, from 6:30 - 7:15 pm at Uncle Thurm's Finger Licken Chicken and Ribs, 3709 S. G Street, Tacoma, WA , 98418, and we are hoping you will be able to attend!
  We have 6 positions on the board up for election this year, three of which are currently held by myself, Aaron Bakalar (who does our newsletter) and Ron Hall (membership/calendar).  These are board positions, not officers.  The board itself elects the officers (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer) and only half of the board is elected each year, each for a two-year term.  If you are interested in becoming part of the leadership of this organization, now's your chance and this is the time!   WE NEED YOU and your good ideas.
Party with us!

The South Sound Blues Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the blues as an American art form on behalf of its performers and fans through education, community and performances.

Friday & Saturday: Jazzbone: Tommy Castro, February 27 & 28, 8pm   JAMS ~~ Monday Jam at: Uncle Sams - Monday Blues' Jam at 7pm;  Tuesdays: Leanne Trevalyan Accoustic Jam at Stonegate at 8pm; Jerry Miller's Open Blues Jam at Dave's in Milton; Uncle Thurms, Tacoma with Ely Band 7:30 Wednesdays: Linda Myers Band's Jam at Dawson's, 8pm; Thusdays: Billy Stoops Jam, at Stonegate at 9pm; Billy Shew Band's Jam at Dawson's at 8pm; Doug McGrew's Blues Jam at Dave's in Milton at 8pm; Sundays: Doug McGrew's Open Blues Jam at Dave's in Milton at 7:30; Dakota Bob's Blue Jam at Performance Grill, Auburn at 8pm; Doug McGrew's Open Jam at Midtown Grill in Bonney Lake, 2 - 6pm; Dawson's - Tim Hall Band at 7pm, Tacoma

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