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The Randy Oxford band represented South Sound Blues for the Back to Beale Street International Competition in Memphis 2017 International Blues Challenge will be in Memphis on January 30-February 3 2018. Make reservations now.

"Back To Beale Street" is the South Sound Blues Association's local competition held each year to select the Washington State blues band who will represent the SSBA at the Blues Foundation's International Blues Challenge which takes place annually in Memphis, Tennessee. 2017 International Blues Challenge will be January 31-February 4, 2017. See Scoring Criteria and Official Rules.

We would like to invite you to participate in our International Blues Challenge preliminary band/solo-duo act competition to represent the South Sound Blues Association in Memphis, TN next .January 26 - January30, 2016.

Our preliminary competition was held at Jazzbones on Sunday, July 24th,  starting at 4:00 PM.  Each band act competed in front of a panel of three judges. Each band performed a 25 minute set . The top five finalists from Jazzbones advanced and competed at The Swiss, Tacoma on August 14th. The SSBA will help offset the winners expense to Memphis by contributing up to $4000 for the winning band .
Here's the scoring criteria:

1. Blues Content
2. Vocals
3. Talent
4. Originality
5. Stage Presence

IBC winners and finalists can look forward to national recognition in the form of recording contracts, invitations to appear at blues festivals, blues cruises and blues venues throughout the country. See the prizes if you win there.

See photos of Beale Street 2016 fun!

Congratulation to CD Woodbury and his band in Memphis for their fine representation of The South Sound Blues, 2015, in International Blues Competition (IBC)  Great job reaching the semi-finals!
"Back to Beale Street" Winners for 2014
Representing Sound Sound Blues Association in Memphis

To see the competition action, CLICK HERE

See pictures of Sunday, November 3, 2013 fundraiser at Jazzbones.

Arthur Migliazza won the Solo/Duo act and will be representing the SSBA in Memphis at the IBC in January!

Blues Redemption
2013 IBC Band Representatives

Blues Redemption would like to thank you for choosing us to represent The SSBA in Memphis in January. All the bands in the competition were terrific and worthy of representing the SSBA. We're committed to continuing to improve on our performance in order to represent the SSBA in the best light possible as we strive to be the best we can be in Memphis.
Blues Redemption

Solo/Duo Act
Nolan Garrett

Nolan Garrett
2013 IBC Solo/Duo
The Red Hot Blues Sisters
2012 IBC Band Representatives

Teri Anne Wilson - Guitar
Suze Sims - Vocals
Greg Lyons - Trumpet
Mike Tooley - Trombone
Scott Rongey - Drums
Walt Steinbach - Bass

Jumpin' Josh & Felicia
2012 IBC Solo/Duo

Josh Violette - Guitar/Vocals
Felicia Agrelius - Drums

Click for event pics
The Randy Oxford Band
2011 IBC Band Representatives

From left:
Randy Oxford - Trombone
Rafael Tranquilino - Guitar/Vocals
Richard Sabol - Drums/Percussion
Jada Amy - Vocals
Farko Dosumov - Bass
Jho Blenis - Guitar
JD Hobson
2011 IBC Solo/Duo

We're proud to have JD returning to Memphis as our solo/duo entrant in this year's competition. While making the finals would be a great reward, we know that JD's appetite for soaking up and sharing the blues will leave an impression on all who listen.

Blues Redemption
2010 IBC Band Representatives

Fundraiser 1, Fundraiser 2, Finals
The Michal Miller Band
2009 IBC Band Representatives

From left:
John Michael Colvin - Drums
Danny Michal - Keyboards/Harmonica
Preston Miller - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Joe Hendershot - Bass
Son Jack Jr. &
Michael Wilde

2009 IBC Solo/Duo

Click for event pics
The Red Hot
Blues Sisters

2008 IBC Band Representatives

From left:
Teri Anne Wilson - Lead Guitar
Suze Sims - Vocals
Patrick McDanel - Bass
John Oliver - Drums

Click for event pics
The Michal Miller Band
2007 IBC Band Representatives

From left:
Joe Hendershot - Bass
Pete Marzano - Drums
Danny Michal - Keyboards/Harmonica
Preston Miller - Lead Guitar/Vocals

Click for event pics
The Randy Oxford Band
2006 IBC Band Representatives

From left:
Jerry Lee Davidson - Guitar
Hank Yanda - Bass
Virginia Klemens - Guitar/Vocals
Randy Oxford - Trombone
Ricky Hudson - Drums
Steve Blood - Guitar
 (This is the original Randy Oxford Band)

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